Social Initiative

As an African born American woman, Founder Valerie Éfé views the world from a completely different perspective. Growing up in Nigeria, West Africa allowed her to see firsthand how females, especially young girls, are taken advantage of and treated compared to their male counterparts

Child Marriages are still a prevailing problem in Africa and beyond. Male children are given all the opportunities, including education and employment, while girls are often exploited and married off at an unbelievably young age without any kind of formal education, leaving them with very little hope for the future and robbing them of their innocence. Being a young girl growing up in a male dominated world is tough – child marriages, no education, and childbirth from a young age are just a few things young African females have to endure.

children having kids

The less fortunate girls who are born into poor families usually have an unpromising destiny that has already been mapped out by their families’ place in society – marriage. Despite what many people think, arranged marriages for young innocent girls are still very much an issue. The statistics are shocking: by 2050, the number of child brides in Africa is expected to at least double.

The number of girls who try to escape this worrying trend is astonishing, but very few manage to do so successfully. They end up marrying and having their own children while they are still at an innocent age themselves. These young girls leave school early, meaning that the majority of them are still uneducated, and in a place like Africa, it is virtually impossible to become a respected member of society or have an independent future without a degree and formal education.

My aim is to use VÉ New York as a platform for my social initiative. VENY will contribute donations raised by our brand through our website, charity events, and from supporters who want to make a difference by helping these young girls around the world.

Child Marriage

“As an African woman who was fortunate enough to avoid that route due to my own family’s luck, I want to reach out and help. I will try to make a difference by supporting these young girls in Africa and beyond who are experiencing this heartbreak every single day.”

Most statistics are altered or brushed under the rug; I want people to understand that the out-of-date and unjust practices that these girls are experiencing are still very common in many parts of Africa and worldwide.

VENY will work with several charities around the world to bring a stop to this social issue. We plan to cast our assistance wider than Africa because this is world-wide problem, and we want to help any area affected by child marriage.

If you would like to help in some way, please reach out and we can talk further about how we can make a difference together