Funkee Cat is a contemporary New York fashion brand founded by an Award Winning NYC Fashion Designer, Miss Éfé.

Fashion Forward, Stylish, Fresh, and Chic are just a few words our clientele have used to describe our modern New York fashion label with a unique twist.

Catering to fashion forward individuals throughout the United States and the rest of the world who appreciate fashion like you, Funkee Cat helps set it’s elite clientele apart from the rest. We help create your own unique style by dressing you in our trendy distinctive apparel, which is exclusive, exciting and most importantly, one of a kind.

Funkee Cat fashion mission is simple. We aim to help high fashion lovers showcase their unique side and stand out in every possible occasion, because why blend in when you were born to stand out!

As a trendy NYC fashion brand, we work endlessly to design and create fashionable clothing while keeping the current fashion trends in mind, but with a notable difference Our clothes are both unique and avant-garde, allowing our clients to play on their youthful and elegant style while standing out in the midst of fashion. For us, sophistication is paramount as is versatility.

Our Designer, Miss Éfé, finds inspiration from modern day fashion trends, contemporary art, colorful individuals, and the streets of New York. With an acute eye for detail, she spends her time sketching and creating clothes for fashionable New York and around the world. Her natural artistic flair and talent for spotting upcoming fashion trends, together with her commitment to quality, allows Valerie to produce a designer clothing range that is second to none. Every single piece of clothing or accessories is special to her, and as a woman who draws on many places and experiences for design inspiration together with her innate understanding of a woman’s desire to look beautifully different, she has successfully created a name for herself in the NYC fashion scene.

Funkee Cat’s belief is that quality is not just an act, it is a habit, and this is evident in everything in our designer collection from our choice of fabrics and accessories, which are mindfully and ethically sourced from around the world, to the tailoring, production and the finished piece.

Funkee Cat's Apparel and Accessories are proudly 100% New York designed and made, with influences from around the world. Ms Éfé makes it her personal business to work with local craftsmen in the heart of the NYC garment district who understands her vision and are exceptional in what they do, resulting in high quality designer apparel and Accessories

To maintain our reputation as a high quality brand for women, we never mass-produce our pieces. Every piece is individually sewn and made in New York, taking anywhere between 6 and 48 hours of intricately dedicated work to ensure all Funkee Cat pieces continue to surpass excellence in quality and design.

About Miss Éfé